andrea champlin
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Binary Fission / Binary Opposition / Blurry Vision

In Bride of Frankenstein, the female lead has one line, delivered at the very end of the film: an angry and terrified hiss. Her incoherent utterance expresses the anxiety of being trapped between worlds, in a state of becoming.
My work is developed in my studio as in a laboratory. I search out visual material that is visceral and palpable, then I transfer it into digital information, manipulate it, and then send it back into physical reality, manipulate again, and the process repeated until a kind of sine wave of process is established. As material is transferred and re-interpreted between the physical and digital worlds, information is lost and added, both by the process itself and by choices, intuitive and rational, to subject the imagery to further distortion and mediation.
By propelling away from a literal "illustrative" meaning, I try to get the work to hover in a state of perpetual acute ambivalence, where definitions are mutable and boundless. Dichotomies are rampant: opticality/physicality, entropy/stasis (order), logic/intuition, mind/body, information/substance. The play of these elements in opposition or in concert with each other is what fuels the work. By functioning in the gap between states, these works are intended to evoke a perpetually deferred position of longing, of becoming.


Andrea Champlin, 1999