all in a day's work organized by david kelley . lisa costanzo . lisa melas-kyriazi . lazaro montano . christine tobin . cornelia van den broeke

david kelley - new paintings (in the project room)

may 3 - 27, 2002 opening reception: friday, may 3rd, 5:30 to 7:30 pm

lisa costanzo

The following text is a Q & A with David Kelley who organized this exhibition. Q: David, we asked you to show your new work in the project room and then gave you 24 hours to curate a group show in the main gallery. Was there any common thread that led you to invite these five artists to exhibit together? A: Given the compressed deadline, only 24 hours, I decided that a small group of artists, 4 or 5, that would be diverse yet complement each others work and indicate a range of content as well as fit into the space would be the easiest/quickest way to work. All of the work done in this show is by artists that have either never shown in a commercial gallery or had limited experience in a commercial gallery environment. The artists are all very committed/hard working and each one's personal approach constantly examines their own notions of art making conventions while utilizing traditional forms.


lazaro montano


christine tobin


Q: All of these artists are products of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Are these five artists and their work indicative of what's going on there? A: Although they are all graduates of the SMFA, they have diverse backgrounds and interests beyond the Museum School /art school environment. If anything the SMFA's curriculum and structure allow students to follow and acknowledge their unique curiosity. Q: Since you organized this show more as an invitational than a conceptually curated exhibition, what was the biggest surprise when you started looking at the actual work that the artists brought in to you? A: I was surprised by how much drama was present in the majority of the work dropped off. References to movies, soap operas, magazines indicates an awareness of our constructed, staged lives and settings.

^ corelia van der broeke

< lisa melas-kiriazi

Q: Finally, what's been happening recently in your own work? A: My own work continues to acknowledge several themes; vision mechanics, how we see, the particulate nature of paint(dust) and light(waves), my own continuing fascination as an adult with cartoons and comic books as well as commercial animation. In the most recent work the speech bubble as an emblematic icon referring both to cartoons and also to language becomes a way to reference the space the painting hangs in and the viewer's participation in the making of the work.


david kelley


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