Andrea Champlin . Amanda Church . David Kelley
  september 4 - october 5 2001 . opening reception: friday september 7, 6 to 8pm

The Clifford•Smith Gallery is pleased to announce the re-opening of its renovated space on September 7, 2001 with Buzz, new paintings by three gallery artists: Andrea Champlin, Amanda Church and David Kelley.

We are also pleased to welcome the new OoH+T Gallery and the relocated Allston Skirt Gallery to the third floor of 450 Harrison Avenue.

andrea champlin . narrowland . oil on canvas 2001


Andrea Champlin's wildly explosive imagery combines deeply rooted traditional oil technique with contemporary digital photo manipulation in an exploration of each medium's effect on the other. Adding a layer to the conceptual time warp, the artist has taken her photographic self portrait (itself a time honored subject for the tradition-bound oil painter) and digitally twisted herself into a near chaotic explosion of color and movement.The image is ink-jet printed, and meticulously hand rendered in the most solid oil technique to complete the self referential cycle of time, technique and medium.


andrea champlin . wandeelove . oil on canvas 2001


Amanda Church's most recent paintings move away from her earlier "figurative" paintings of anthropomorphized gelatinous beings, instead creating a new language for the abstracted "landscape". The shift results from a continuing use of fluid line, but rather than contained forms, the composition pours off the canvas inviting a more expansive spatial interpretation.


amanda church . goldenermoment . oil on canvas 2001

Seen with Champlin's imagery that places the viewer in the midst of an explosion, and Kelley's imagery that places one at the edge of the canvas, Church seems to have pressed her nose up against the picture-plane (window?) of flattened grounds and scrunched perspectives.

amanda church . peepshow . oil on canvas 2001

Noted Boston painter, David Kelley's new paintings in the Said series return to his former exploration of large scale imagery while moving forward in a clear linear progression from his recent modular installations of small canvases.

david kelley . said#? . acrylic on canvas . 2001

david kelley . said #1 . acrylic on canvas 2001

By incorporating the "talk bubble" of comic books with his recent explorations of dots and fields he elicits a somewhat literal interpretation of "dialogue" - as in the experience of being seated around the table at a dinner party. Multiple thoughts and conversations converge and dissipate in a constant evolution of human interaction around canvases that may be hung/viewed in any orientation.

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