nao tomii
march 1 - 31
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opening reception: saturday, 10, 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Twenty-three year old Boston sculptor Nao Tomii is a product of our times. His sculpture conflates everything from comic books, cartoons, and generation-Y cyber aesthetics to cross cultural issues, the body, genetic engineering and human genome mapping. A Japanese immigrant and recent Montserrat College of Art graduate, this is Nao Tomii's first solo exhibition.



squeeze (detail), 2000

wood, spray paint, nylon strap; 36" x 18" x 6"


Working almost exclusively from Home Depot materials such as wood, spray paint, plastic tubing, PVC pipes and cable ties,Tomii is completely at ease with the aesthetic of a generation raised on a visual diet of graphic design, animation and the flattened world of computer generated color and form. Ironically, his process is a mix of the traditional (hand carved and sanded wood) literally fused to the contemporary (mass produced plastics and off-the-shelf hardware store items)

new hot plants (three of five)


wood, spray paint, cable ties,

appx. 28" x 5" x 5" each

His undulating humanoid forms see the body as though sifted through the cultural maze of our real/unreal 21st century world. The twisting, curling tubes, pipes and plastic balls push us deeper into the bio-medical morass of daily life where we watch (?complacently/helplessly?) as technology unravels the essential nature of our beings.

plojection (detail)


wood, spray paint,

plastic tubing, balls

68" x 16" x 13"

But before one gets wrapped up in all that angst about the current state of affairs, one realizes that s/he is smiling at the beautiful colors, shapes and cartoon-like simplicity/comlexity of the work. A point which may in fact be the final comment on where we stand in the scheme of things. Tomii has succeeded in documenting our obsession with a sexy profile, a cartoon reflection of life, leaving out the cute jingle that goes with it.

feeling fit (one of seven)


wood, spray paint

24" x 4" x 3"

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