Paper Products - Works of, or on, paper
november 25 - january 13

opening reception: saturday, november 25, 5:30 - 7:00 pm



Amanda Church's sizzling, post-pop, abstracted imagery uses appropriated source material lifted from contemporary advertisingÕs obsession with loud graphics that compete for the viewerÕs attention amongst a constant blitz of visual information. By adding humor, subtle anthropomorphic references, and pop-historical elements she takes a step back from a direct commentary of our current visual confusion and allows the viewer a rare opportunity to relish in the sheer "Wow!" of looking.

Amanda Church,

Jeden Tag, 1999, oil on canvas, 48 " x 42"


Saul Chernick's large-scale diptych of cut paper focuses on the ephemeral nature of the medium by elevating the negative space (in this case quite literally the cut-away "space" and resulting shadows) to the realm of object. His impossibly lyrical marks, cut only with an Xacto knife, have a faintly Asian reference, while the underlying shadows cast on the wall behind add a repeating and complex depth the work. In sharp contrast, John Powers' building blocks are the paper itself. From tiny cut rectangles of paper, Powers' monochrome constructions unfold in nearly symmetrical halves. The blocky elements belie the organic references and create a balance/tension between the linear components and the resulting fluid form

John Powers, Vier, 2000

Coventry rag paper on paper,

40" x 36" paper size



John Powers, Linea Alba, 2000

Coventry rag paper on paper,

40" x 36" paper size

Greg Mencoff"s near Zen-like wall sculptures rest balanced on stacks of Japanese "rice" paper. In each sculpture, two identically formed blocks of enameled wood are suspended on either side of a perfectly torn pile of the flimsiest of materials. That the weight of the sculpture is held in place by the joined resiliency of the lightweight paper adds a secondary yin/yang element to the already balanced formal elements of the piece.

Greg Mencoff, Untitled, 2000,

wood, enamel and rice paper, 8" x 7.5" x 2


Paul Henry Ramirez

Untitled (Edging into Excess series), 2000

acrylic and flashe on paper, 24" x 19"

Paul Henry Ramirez,

Untitled (Edging into Excess series), 1999

acrylic and flashe on paper, 24" x 19"

Paul Henry Ramirez's "Edging into Excess" series is a wild array of visual imagery. Hairy body parts and succulent nipples give way to ice cream sundaes wrapped up in cotton candy until finally the whole piece simultaneously bubbles to the surface and squirts out to the very edge of the paper itself.

Seong Chun's light-as-air sculptures of crocheted paper weave weighty and dense text from philosophical writers into the very fabric of her work. Combining domestic craft, fine art, philosophy and form, Chun creates an entirely new vernacular for both sculpture and works made on, or of, paper.


Seong Chun, Untitled (reflexive), 1998

text on crocheted paper,

7.35" x 4" x 3.25",

text: "Transfigurations of the Commonplace", Arthur C. Danto

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