Joy Episalla .. Youngsuk Suh

november 30 - december 22 2001 . opening reception: friday november 30, 5:30 to 7:30pm


Clifford•Smith Gallery is pleased to announce its December exhibition of two photography-based artists: New York resident Joy Episalla and Boston area artist Youngsuk Suh. This exhibition is Joy Episalla's second appearance at the gallery and she will mount a full exhibition here in the fall of 2002. This is Youngsuk Suh's first inclusion at Clifford•Smith and serves as a preview to his first solo exhibition here in February 2002.


youngsuk suh . niagara falls . 2001

iris print on somerset velvet paper,

diptych . 25" x 46" each panel . ed. 1 of 15

Both artists have a truly unique view of our man-made and natural surroundings and both use photography as the lens through which they view our environments. The similarities end there as an almost inverse relationship develops between the two bodies of work. Episalla examines the most mundane of our interior surroundings in minute detail, pushing the final image far into the realm of sculpture by mounting the print on half-inch plexiglass that often rests on the floor or leans against the wall. Her micro-view of our constructed habitats reveals the latent beauty in the ignored aspects of our daily lives


joy episalla . carpet #5 . 2000

mounted c-print mounted to plexiglass

36.5" x 58.5" x .5" . ed. 1 of 3



joy episalla . medallion #1 . 2000

mounted c-print mounted to plexiglass

25" x 30" x .5" . ed. 1 of 3


Youngsuk Suh examines the vastness of American tourist destinations. His digitally altered images and digital prints ignore the inherent real-time aspect of photography by combining multiple exposures, taken over several hours, into one final print. The human beings, as insignificant as ants, appear as afterthoughts sprinkled across the terrain. In fact, they are carefully chosen and placed for their color and position ? often defining a crucial compositional element such as the horizon line, a sharp diagonal or gentle curve.

youngsuk suh . petrified forest . 2001

iris print on somerset velvet paper

35" x 46". ed. 1 of 15



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